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For $45 we will feature your post prominently on every month (or for as long as you like).

Having your site shown on every page could be a great source of traffic!

Where will my post be featured?

It will be featured on every page of It will also appear in our Tumblr stream and shared on our other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest) and may appear in our (soon-to-be) regular newsletter.

As you can see, 4 featured posts appear at the top of every single page on this site. They even remain in the Featured category afterwards (for no ongoing charge), so everyone will know you were once featured on BWB! They also appear as a standard submission, but they jump the queue and get published as soon as we receive payment.

Can my site get featured?

We don’t accept just any sites to be featured. We will assess your site and determine if it meets a few standards. We’re looking for well designed sites that have used Bootstrap as their base. They need to be great examples of what’s capable with Bootstrap.

How to submit a Featured Site

Getting your site featured is a slightly different process to our usual submissions. But it’s simple enough. Just fill in our form and pay.

Once we’ve received everything, your submission will go live as soon as possible.

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